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The Startup & THRIVE Ecosystem is a collaborative network of investors, foundations, elected officials, mentors, sponsors, joint venture partners, media professionals, individuals and other organizations that support our cohorts and the goals of our accelerator.

Startup & THRIVE is a Wealth Building Accelerator that features Entrepreneurial Readiness and Wealth Building programs designed to help African-American women entrepreneurs decrease the failure rate in business and the wealth gap in America through successful entrepreneurship.

We help African-American women entrepreneurs breakthrough barriers to startup success - (during the ideation phase) BEFORE they launch their business and teach them how to pitch prospective investors, partners and clients. We help them raise startup capital and develop the skillsets needed to market, make money and manage their businesses masterfully!

Join our nationwide team to support African-Americain women entrepreneurs in increasing their success rate in business and closing the wealth gap in America.

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