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Start building generational wealth in six (6) proven, traditional ways that lead to financial stability, freedom and inclusion.

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Why Startup & THRIVE? 

Simple ... Because We Can't Afford to Fail.




Startup & THRIVE is a social impact, wealth building accelerator created to help African-American

and low-wealth women entrepreneurs get on the path to prosperity through entrepreneurship 

and other generational wealth building activities, that lead to financial security, freedom and inclusion. 

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Wealth Building Community

Helping African-American Women Entrepreneurs

Close The Wealth Gap In America -- Through Entrepreneurship

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Sprint-To-Wealth & Business Building Accelerator

Starts: Tue, Sept 10th - Ends: Thurs, Oct 17th

Start Your Wealth Building Workdays Smarter. 

Pitch your business idea to angel investors for the chance to win pre-seed capital and hire a team that can help you fast-track your idea into a viable and validated startup venture ALL IN 3-DAYS! 

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Public Speaking is a strategic "education-based" marketing, client attraction, selling tool that can

MAXIMIZE your marketing efforts and provide you with an alternative way to raise capital --

when you don't qualify for traditional funding.

The 2019 Startup & THRIVE Demo Day

The 2019 Startup & THRIVE Demo Day is unlike any other demo day. This 1-Day invitation only live event is organized in Philadelphia to present our startups to potential partners, clients, investors, elected officials, policy makers and the press. 

(Dates, Times & Details TBA)